Double Meeting Point with Bench

A great place to chill! The Meeting point with bench adds that important option to the playground. The design appeals to older children and is based on research insights: when creating a meeting point, for instance for teenagers, it is important to make it relatively transparent, while keeping a feeling of a safe haven too. This is why the Meeting Point with Bench features openings in its back support: to make sure that people seated can see what or who is approaching. The side panels ensures a feeling of security and comfort, to make people want to stay. The benches on the side of the meeting point adds to the ability of being seated both ways, having a view of the entire playground while meeting with friends or watching your children play. The Meeting Point with Bench has so much more to it than meets the eye.

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Artikelnummer: PCM703

Product type: Ontmoetingsplekken

Product groep: Parkmeubilair

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