All children aged 6-12 will find cool play possibilities that are not the very same as usual: The tower is all play, the exterior of the product being as playable as the interior, making play possible inside-out and all around. The product is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, with an accessible stairway. The accessible stairway has climbing grips on the outside, adding high play value to an element normally only there as an access. In fact, the ways of climbing and playing are complete: On the stairway, on a curved 1.40 m climbing wall, on cleats and handles on the posts. Please notice another playful cool feature having one tower post of stainless steel with cleats, appealing to the imagination. The product, apart from training cross-body coordination and proprioception, supports traditional school playground games for this age: tag, hide-and-seek, do-not-touch-the-ground. The climbing can be ended by a long slide down to the ground floor where children will find a sheltered seat for a chat, or a chill.


Grondanker 90 cm



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Artikelnummer: ELE500103

Product type: elements school age

Product groep: ELEMENTS™

6 - 12


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