Speeltoren Duo - Crest, Urban

Wow! So many choices for play, children will be thrilled to move their bodies and develop their social skills, ensuring hours of play and development. The Crest Urban has play written all over it, especially with multiple ways to climb; with differing challenges such as the stairway for easy access and the pipe climber, rope climber, and the climbing wall for more of a challenge. The slick tower has many entry points and is in fact packed with egress opportunities, too: there is a daredevil choice of the bannister bars, training spatial awareness and body control all the way to the ground. Children will also enjoy the slide for a fast way to the ground. Under the platform a seat with the backrest of the inner climbing wall invites quiet meetings for a break with friends, planning new moves. The overhead ladder supports hanging by the arms, which supports muscle strength and coordination. So much play in one place!

Crest urban

Grondanker 90 cm


Gew. crest urban

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Artikelnummer: ELE500181

Product type: elements school age

Product groep: ELEMENTS™



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Our aim is threefold: to create a WOW reaction that stimulates a desire to STAY and, through play physically and mentally, DEVELOP - learn more in our video about play.


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