Castle Fortress with Roof

The Castle Fortress provides for play challenges and lots of varied movement. This fortress will inspire young children to challenge themselves to play actively and imaginatively, using their muscles to climb to the top and slide down to the ground. The climbing net provides a variation in climbing, developing children's cross-coordination, which in turn supports intellectual development. The wild slide is a thrilling ride, training children's balance skills. The bannister bars are great for dare-devils, building up proprioception and sense of balance. These are fundamental in children's ability to navigate the world securely. The cellars of the Castle Fortress inspire creative and dramatic play. Special surprises such as the treasure chest and prison window will be a constant attraction, stimulating social play and language development. Swaying hammocks add a possibility for a break with friends.


Kasteel+muur, RVS glijbaan

cilindernet, dubbele glijstang


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Artikelnummer: PCM1130

Product type: Kastelen

Product groep: Combinatietoestellen



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