Luik Climbing Tree

WOW! The Luik Climbing Tree is a fantastic, transparent climbing and gliding challenge for bigger children. The slick, yet spacious Luik Climbing Tree will make them come back again and again for more action and interaction. The steel bars and circular, green climbers each attract their own play actions. The circular climbing tubes provide a fast way to the top. They also make fine seats for meeting with friends. The steel gliding bars also add four great outlook points at the top and they also provide a thrilling fireman’s pole ride to the ground. Apart from stimulating their cross-coordination and proprioception, the Luik Climbing Tree activities also train spatial awareness. These are all important motor skills for body awareness and movement confidence. Fundamental for navigating the world securely.


Oppervlakte montage



Grondanker 100 cm


Climbing tree

W/ steel footing


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Artikelnummer: NAT815

Product type: Nature - Natuurlijk Hardhout

Product groep: Natuurlijk Spelen



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Product animation
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