The Wizards Hideaway ADA

The magical Wizard's Hideaway with the elevated house and blue roof invites dramatic play as few others. The benches and table inside stimulate social interaction and make longer stays desirable. A table on the side of the house invites meeting and provides a nice seat for care givers. The stair up to elevated level and the double slide benefit motor skills such as cross coordination and spatial awareness. These are both fundamental for building up an understanding of the body in speed, time and space, a competence important for managing traffic safely. The stairway features a broad transfer platform and good handholds to support children of all abilities in accessing. All in all, hours of magic play together.


Dit product is tevens op verzoek verkrijgbaar in FSC® Certified (FSC® C004450) robinia hout.

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Artikelnummer: NRO409

Product type: Robinia Dorp

Product groep: Natuurlijk Spelen

2 - 10


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Organic Robinia by KOMPAN

KOMPAN’s Organic Robinia Playgrounds offer a full range of natural Multi Play structures, playhouses, swings springers and more. 

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