Forest Lake Boat

The Forest lake boat without floor is a role play invitation like few others. The ship theme encourages hours of play, uniting children around a fantastic play starter theme: sailing off into unknown land. The seat in the rear and the turnable steering wheel add to imagination. The binoculars add to the nautical theme. These elements, apart from offering response and variety in tactile stimulation, evoke the sense of wonder. They spark imagination and dramatic play. Dramatic play and role play function as children's way of playing through experiences they don't fully understand or that fascinate them. When doing so, they train their communication and language skills. Communication and turn-taking skills are also trained. These help children avoid physical conflict. Eventually it will stimulate the ability to form friendships. The open sides allow play for all abilities.

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Artikelnummer: NRO520

Product type: Robinia Thematisch Spelen

Product groep: Natuurlijk Spelen

2 - 10


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