Sand Digger

The Excavator is a magnet for construction play. It attracts builders in a wide age span to dig, transport and turn sand. It will absorbe children in play, again and again. When digging, the children need to navigate the handles and shovel. This is a huge task on coordination as well as logical thinking skills. When the sand needs to be re-located, the children will have to use their feet to turn the Excavator up to 360 degrees, to the desired destination. The fine motor and gross motor skill training going into this is considerable. The Excavator can accommodate solitary as well as social play, such as turn-taking and negotiation. These skills can be hard to teach, but children acquire them when they do construction play. These skills are fundamental for the ability to form friendships.

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Artikelnummer: NRO524

Product type: Robinia Zand & Water Spel

Product groep: Natuurlijk Spelen



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