The Climb play structure is a robust climber offering a wide variety of climbing options; up, down, across. The structure supports many body positions and play possibilities with its design detail and diverse levels of difficulty. Children will feel motivated to climb the diverse paths up and enjoy the view again and again. Due to the spread out and the transparent design, the Climb has a high play capacity. The overhead bars, ladder and climbing net train muscle strength, agility and coordination. The overhead ladder is a nice meeting point but also motivates travelling across using the arms, training the upper body muscles. These are known to be weaker in today's children due to increased sedentary behaviours. The inclined net makes for an easier climb up, together with friends. It can be climbed on both sides for variation. The rope with the UFO is the most challenging and helps muscle training.


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Grondanker 60 cm


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Artikelnummer: M870

Product type: Balanceren & Bewegen

Product groep: Speeltoestellen

4 - 12


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