Double Somer Sault Bars

The Double Somersault Bars are great old school playground favourite. They are irresistable to children, and their parents too. The Double Somersault makes for cooperation and sharing in two different heights. They accommodate more users and different age and ability levels. The Double Somersault caters for a range of play activities, hanging the arms, swaying, training upper body muscles. Sitting on the bars with friends, sharing, using social-emotional skills, or just somersaulting. Somersaulting on the Double Somersault trains children's awareness: the awareness of where body parts are and how to coordinate movements to fit a space. It trains the senses of space and balance too, making the child able to navigate its surroundings safely. Last, but not least, it is great for training the major muscles.

Duikelrek duo staal


Duikelrek duo staal


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Artikelnummer: PCM802

Product type: Balanceren & Bewegen

Product groep: Speeltoestellen



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