Taludglijbaan - Breed

Sliding is a favourite playground activity that attracts children to being active and playful in a thrilling way. An embankment slide is especially exciting and accessible with the entry at the ground level, and a fast sliding path that follows the form of the land. The wide slide increases capacity and social play. When children slide they train their core muscles, sitting upright while sliding down. This stimulates stability, important for avoiding back and neck pains – a growing problem in children due to sedentary lifestyles. Sliding additionally trains the child's sense of balance and space awareness understanding. These skills are important in navigating the world safely and are also the basis of all motor skills. Developing these skills supports physical confidence in children. Children are especially keen to try the embankment slide over and over again therefore increasing their physical activity.


Hellingglijbaan - breed staal


Hellingglijbaan - breed staal

Hoogte 178 cm


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Artikelnummer: PCM110203

Product type: GLIJBANEN

Product groep: Speeltoestellen



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