Daisy Desk with seats

The Daisy Desk with Seats immediately attracts and welcomes infants and toddlers with its age appropriate size and cute floral theme. The desk provides an ergonomically perfect place to work with loose parts, together with friends or care givers. The yellow bowl is a perfect container for materials. It can be lifted and emptied, a favourite activity for young children. The Daisy Desk with Seats encourages social play: the three seats are placed to ensure eye contact. Adults can sit on the table to informally or formally guide the play. The Daisy Desk with Seats offers toddlers an opportunity to break out from the wilder action in playgrounds. This respite adds to the time they can spend in play. It gives the chance to watch and be inspired by peers in the playground. And to socialize and make friends.

Boterbloem met 3 zitjes

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Boterbloem met 3 zitjes

Grondanker 60 cm


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