Orient Express

Wow! Children will delight in a ride on the Orient Express. This playful unit supports social-emotional and physical skills in young children. The intentional design encourages children to stay and play, which provides great fun and developmental benefits. In addition to being a place to sit alone or with friends, the Orient Express spurs stories about train rides, supporting language skills and story-telling. Sitting with friends stimulates social-emotional development, and friendship skills. The small holes invite exploration and provide children with opportunities to play peek-a-boo and other games. Young children will also enjoy moving around the train, and for younger children, pulling themselves up to stand will support physical development.

Oriënt Express


Oriënt Express


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Product type: Speelhuisjes & Thematisch Spel

Product groep: Speeltoestellen

1 - 8


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Our aim is threefold: to create a WOW reaction that stimulates a desire to STAY and, through play physically and mentally, DEVELOP - learn more in our video about play.


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