Fairytale Seesaw

The Fairytale Seesaw motivates children to join in play, rocking together. The spacious design and sturdy back and foot support allow for many children of all abilities playing together. The risk seekers can stand on the middle platform securely, sensing the movement of the others. The spacious platform also allows for socializing, and children lying or sitting. There is room enough for care givers, too. The seats at the end are big enough for older children as well as adults. The fun thrill of rocking, individually, or in small or in big groups, will make children return for more. Rocking on the fairytale seesaw enhances the children’s muscles and motor skills, their balance and coordination. The spaciousness of the seesaw supports development of social-emotional skills, e.g. cooperation, consideration and turn-taking. Toddlers experience cause-and-effect understanding.

Sprookjes wipwap std

Grondanker 40 cm


Sprookjes wipwap

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Sprookjes wipwap

Grondanker 60 cm


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Product type: Wippen

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