Push UP & Leg Lift Station

The Push Up Bars are created for maximum strengthening of the shoulder area. Standing between the handles you simply take a hold and start lifting yourself. Strength is vital for our overall health. The Push Up Bars train your shoulders, chest, upper back and triceps – and thereby profoundly improve your overall strength in the upper body with simple and efficient methods that are entirely in your control during the exercise. Your own body weight defines the intensity of the exercise, so even without prior experience, users will quickly become comfortable with this type of training. The KPX 126 is also an excellent piece of equipment for ab workouts, it allows users to exercise their abdominal muscles by performing leg lifts while holding themselves up in the chair. Exercising in this manner targets all of the abdominal muscles.

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Push up bars

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Push up bars

Grondanker staal 80 cm


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Artikelnummer: KPX126

Product type: X-ERCISE

Product groep: Outdoor Fitness


3 Uur (Uren) , 1 Personen


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